Eldoret Trip 2011 ...


"This trip has given us so much happiness. The welcome given to our group everywhere we went has been truly touching. The trip organisation was superb. We never had any worries. Pravinbhai took care of everything.

Being the oldest members of the group, everybody took great care of us throughout the trip. Nothing was too much trouble. After the bone shaking drive to Masai Mara everyone came to see us immediately to make sure we were OK.

If you ask about what part of the trip we enjoyed – it has to be everything!!. Eldoret Club, Eldoret Naiberi, Masai Mara and Mombasa were special. The safari lodges and hotels were excellent and so was the food – being vegetarians travelling abroad is sometimes an issue but in this case there were no worries.

The Kenyan people were so warm and welcoming – we were always greeted with a big smile and “ Karibu – Welcome”.

We only got a glimpse but it is so good to see the progress that Kenya has made. Nairobi skyline has changed so much. Nairobi is a modern city. River Road is unrecognisable with multi-storey buildings on both sides. The highways are excellent. People just get on with what they need to do. There is great emphasis on education and that children do go to school – even from the poorest families!! You just have to look at the HUGE coverage given to KCSE results in the Daily Nation and The Standard newspapers and national TV.
We went to Eldoret as individuals - we came back as one VERY SPECIAL FAMILY. This has been our best holiday ever!! Thank you all for making this such a memorable trip.

The DREAM of going back to our home town finally FULFILLED "God bless you all."

Chhaganbhai & Jayaben Pankhania

A Trip of a Lifetime

A journey full of emotions...probably a million emotions

The joy on Ba's face as she stepped on Kenyan soil was there for all to see - her face lit up with joy and anticipation. The last time she was at this very spot was 43 years back when she left the country with tears in her eyes.

As we arrived at Eldoret, grown men found it difficult to hold back tears as old memories came flooding back. Someone knelt down and bowed to the ground in prayer. The happiness in Bapuji's eyes was evident as we visited our old home and our business.

Old friends met (after 40+ years) and friendships were renewed.

Everywhere we went we had a very warm welcome extended to us. Pandits welcomed us into their restaurant and their home. The dhokras and bhajias still have the same "Pandits" taste and brought back memories of when I last visited them when I was some 10 years old dressed in shorts!! The Lochabs and the Shahs made time for us and really made us feel part of the family. Anilbhai, Himatbhai and Natubhai were always there for us.

Eldoret Naiberi Camp was a fantastic place - great place to relax and enjoy. Definitely going back there with my family!

And then we left Eldoret - happy that we came and taking back wonderful memories and experiences with us - and on to holiday ....

Highlights were Masai Mara and Mombasa. Having said that we had a great time everywhere we went - Nakuru, Nairobi, Voi, Makindu, Malindi.

In fact this was a WORRY FREE trip. Trip organisation was excellent - accomodation, food, transport all taken care of.
And Pravinbhai made sure everything went well. Peter our driver was great - always drove safely and was there when we needed him.

We all adjusted where necessary. We laughed, we joked, we sang, we talked, we cared and in the process we became one extraordinary family. Thank you all.


I just want to let you know that our trip to kenya in february was fabulous. it was very hectic but enjoable. it was nice to have Pravin to be with us as he knows most of the places etc. it brought old memories and it was sad at the time. the weather was beautiful and we had a really nice time. everyone was like a family to each other. the whole group was really very friendly and caring. my sister and lata gupta and masi je needed help and we all helped them.
it is like a dream i had. the most enjoyable time was in eldoret and mombasa. we stayed more time there, otherwise it was packing nearly every day for the next day. the safaris were good too, but i am not a safari person. i had a good experience going to the mandirs, gurdh waras and the arya samag. eldoret people are very friendly too. some of them invited us to their houses, the lochabas invited us and Natu bhai too, and others wanted to but we did not have the time. we also visited the knit factory and learned a lot. it was about a 3 hours tour.
we visited the masi village, which was also very knowledgeable.

our two young persons, narendra and dinesh were excellent. they were our dikras there, taking care of everyone and taking all the pictures. their parents should be very proud of them and so am i.

i would recommend others to join the future trips as this one was really very enjoyable. we also sang songs in the bus and the main singer was hasmuck, with a really good voice and a beautiful and caring wife.


Farida -
from America

Hi All ! Yes! The dream holiday is over but not forgotten! For me personally it was a fantastic experience to see where I was born and to go with my mum and dad who told me stories about how we lived and the park my mum use to take me and my brother to etc! Also the fact that there was a mix of people who shared their thoughts of Eldoret and their experiences was fantastic and gave me an insight of what the life was like in those days! The safari was breath taking and we all saw the Big Five and was well organised and planned. Visiting the different temples was amazing and to see how the community is so strong and together in Kenya. I would like to thank Pravinbhai and Hasmukbhai for a well organised and a enjoyable trip of a liife time. I think I would be right in saying that everyone got something out of the trip and it was well worth the money!! Kind regards.